My eco-friendly lifestyle changes

Let me start with a quote from my favorite philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti, who has greatly inspired me to see things differently:

If you hurt nature you are hurting yourself.

I was also greatly motivated to take the below actions by one of my friends who introduced me to mimimalism.

In this short article, I want to tell you a couple of changes I made recently to my lifestyle to be more environment friendly:

  1. I order packaged drinking water on a regular basis. The water would be packaged in plastic bottles. However, now I started ordering from this brand which uses much more eco friendly packaging material (carton is made of 88% renewable materials).
  2. I also order packaged coconut water on a regular basis. Again it used to come in plastic containers. Now, I switched to ordering from this brand where the coconut water is packaged in aluminum cans and it even tastes better than my previous brand!

This may not be much but even small changes when adopted by many people will make a big difference…right?!

I will post more articles in the future on this topic, so stay connected and feel free to share your eco-friendly lifestyle changes/ tips in the comments.